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What Makes Disability Macarthur Unique?

Annamaria Wood 2

Disability Macarthur has a culture of ‘YOU’

Annamaria Wood
CEO, Disability Macarthur

We live in a terrific country and are fortunate to have access to a whole range of wonderful community support services.

Disability Macarthur is a NDIS approved service provider, and a leader in providing support services to people with disabilities and the thing that sets us apart from other centres is our…

The Macarthur Difference - Disability Macarthur

Focus On Families And Your Specific Needs

More than 40 years ago the founders of Disability Macarthur noticed a great community need and began offering general crisis respite. As families with children with disabilities began to contact us, we created programs to support their unique needs. With this same flexible approach, we continue to develop new programs that meet the specific needs of families in our local community.

Created For You

Your requests and suggestions are critical in helping us provide the support you need. That’s why we involve parents in the process of developing programs. And why we love special requests. After all, nobody knows the support you need better than you.

Not Just A Number – You Are Family

Many families, volunteers and staff have been associated with Disability Macarthur for as long as 40 years. Some families have been members of the same programs for 16 years. These are the people who have shaped Disability Macarthur into the leading organisation it is today.

Local And Connected

In order to provide comprehensive care for families as your needs change, we maintain a healthy network of supporters including specialised staff, volunteers, local businesses and organisations, and other government agencies. This means you can access most of the support you need through the one centre you have grown to know and trust.

If you would like to know more about what makes Disability Macarthur unique and how we may be able to support you and your family, get in touch with our Care Coordinator on (02) 9603 7011 or complete our contact form for a private and confidential conversation.