Our daughter, Sophey, has Russell-Silver Syndrome. She has more than 25 internal and external challenges including dwarfism, turned in fingers, shorter on one side of her body, scoliosis, feeding issues, hyperglycemia… and more. It’s very hard to find care providers that will tube feed and have the training and experience to handle all of Sophie’s conditions.

When visiting the dietician one day I was in need of some help. I needed some time out for myself and my family. The dietician recommended Disability Macarthur.

I was very apprehensive at first, and as you are for the first few visits. But we found it to be an amazing. It’s just amazing service that has had a huge impact on our family.

It’s fantastic having time out for myself, my husband, the children as well. We’re looking at doing things together as a family but knowing that Sophie is safe. And also the fact that Sophie is having timeout as well. She needs time away from the family as well.

Disability Macarthur Client - South West Sydney