“Jenny is the most gorgeous, cuddly, generous child anyone could ask for and I love looking after her. But I realised it was taking a toll on me. Every night I went to bed crying, regretting how I’d lost my cool with her during the day. It made me feel so guilty.

People had recommended respite but I thought that was asking someone else to do what I should be doing. Now I realise it’s an important and necessary part of caring for someone with a disability. Jenny loves Breakaway Respite and it gives me a few hours to do the shopping and take a breath.

Knowing it’s coming up really helps me through those tough moments. And the little recharge helps me be a much better mum to Jenny and my other children. It helps me be a better person.”

Disability Macarthur Client
How to Choose the Right Support Service for You and Your Family Minto, Narellan And Campbelltown Region Disability Macarthur

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