Special Needs Respite Program

This is a NDIS Approved Program

Overnight Respite, for Up to a Week, 

In a Loving, Family Home


When You Need More Than a Couple of Hours

All respite is helpful. A morning to do some shopping or go to an appointment can be good. But there is only so much you can get done in a couple of hours. Only so much you can unwind. Sometimes you need a night… or two… to catch your breath and feel yourself again.

Special Needs Respite is an overnight respite program (up to a full week) for children aged 0-19 with a physical and/or intellectual disability.


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Good For You

Imagine going to bed tonight and sleeping through undisturbed. Imagine not having to rise early to go through the morning routine of care. You can roll over snuggle in without a worry. And imagine taking a day (or two) to do what you want. Set your own schedule (or no schedule at all). This is what ‘normal’ families do from time to time. And it’s good for you to enjoy too.


Good For Your Child Too

Special Needs ProgramThey say, “A change is as good as a holiday.” And in many ways ‘they’ are right. This is a chance for your child to meet new friends in a safe, secure family environment. To enjoy a little measured variety in routine. And to learn valuable skills of integration and independence… under the nurturing supervision of an authorised carer.


Host Families Are Special People

Our host family volunteers undergo extensive orientation training, strict qualification including all major police and security checks and their homes are assessed to ensure they are safe and suitable.

Great care is taken to match hosts with the right children for a safe and successful respite stay. Some of our host families have been volunteering for 20 years. They truly are special people.


But You Have to Feel Comfortable

Special Needs 3The most important thing is that you and your child feel comfortable. So you’ll meet your potential host family before committing to any respite. Enjoy a few visits. Get to know them. See for yourself that they are professional, capable and caring. Once you’ve developed appropriate trust, you and your child can enjoy the benefits of…


Regular Overnight Respite

As you develop a bond with your host family, you and your child will look forward to regular overnight respite. Plan a weekend away. Attend a special event. And if

you ever have an emergency, you have another contact for possible support in a hurry.


Other Overnight Services

Special Needs 4Although host family volunteers are the main providers of overnight respite, we do sometimes run a camp and custom design other special programs to further support families and your children.

So if you feel like you’d like an overnight break, get in touch with our Care Coordinator (02) 9603 7011 for a private and confidential conversation about our ‘Special Needs Respite Program’.


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