Our Story

30 Years of Care and Compassion for the

Families of Macarthur

The late eighties brought excitement and opportunity to Macarthur. The population grew rapidly and it soon had the largest concentration of Department Housing in New South Wales.

Friends, Una Vidler & Kate Skansbakken, noticed many families with children struggling. In 1988 they founded ‘Macarthur District Temporary Family Care’ and began providing short ‘foster-care-like’ breaks (respite) for families experiencing crisis.

A number of families who had children with a physical and/or intellectual disability came through the centre and to meet their needs Una and Kate adjusted their focus and the centre became known as Disability Macarthur.

Focused On Your Needs

Over the years, Disability Macarthur has served more than 400 families and currently runs 12 programs across 5 centres. We continue to focus on the needs of the community and in particular the needs of individuals.

With direct input from (and often ongoing involvement with) clients and their families, we develop programs and activities around your needs. We can’t meet every request. But we work hard to offer a range of flexible options for the total cycle of your life.

When extra funding is needed, we think outside the square by sourcing affordable options and developing partnerships with community organisations, businesses and families who may be able to help.

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Making It Possible to Experience Life Again

Families caring for children with disabilities often miss out on the simple pleasures other families enjoy (and even take for granted). The idea of a sleep-over with friends, a trip to the movies, a night at the football or even a visit to the shops can be too much to organise. This can leave families feeling isolated.

Our whole philosophy is to give you the opportunity to be connected with your family and the community. This could take the form of respite, group activities and outings, workshops and counselling, support networks and special custom designed programs for your individual needs.

Fun Activities With Lifelong Outcomes

Although Disability Macarthur programs are more fun than therapeutic, clients and their families experience many benefits including…


Growing confidence

Sense of achievement

Experiencing new things

And much more!

Giving and receiving friendship and support

Increased independence

Special skills (e.g. craft, music, dance)

General life skills

Qualified and Caring

Our staff and volunteers are trained to meet your needs medically, physically and psychologically. Many are involved in continuing education. And we work hard to match staff and clients to enhance the experience and outcomes.

You’ll get to know many familiar faces as many staff have been here for at least 10 years, with some as long as 30 years. A number of the families we served in the late eighties and early nineties now volunteer and give back to other families in their community. This just shows, we are truly a family centre.

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Experienced and Accredited

Naturally Disability Macarthur is accredited to offer the programs we run. We meet all legal requirements for a not-for-profit organisation and have strict staffing, accounting and workplace health and safety standards.

The Support You Need In One Place

Our flexible approach to programming means we can supply many of your needs even as your family changes. This means you can access a range of services from the one organisation you know and trust without having to forge new relationships. And as you know, continuity of care is particularly important for people with a disability.   

If you would like to know anything more about Disability Macarthur please contact us by phone on (02) 9603 7011 or complete the enquiry form for a private and confidential conversation.


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