Life Goes On

This is a NDIS Approved Program

Meaningful Weekly Support for Parents and Carers

“No man is an island entire of itself.”

John Donne


Originally penned by poet John Donne, the poem, “No Person’ Is an Island” reminds us we are all interconnected and need each other. This is especially true for parents and carers who support a person with a disability. The simple act of sharing our life experiences with others helps in many ways including…

Practical Advice

Trying to come up with all the answers on your own is impossible. And it can wear you down. That’s why it’s so valuable to talk with people who experience the same challenges you and your family face. And have ideas they have tried and found useful. What challenge are you facing today? Share it with the Life Goes On group and get some specific ideas from people who understand because they walk the same road.


Understanding and Support

Some challenges just don’t have any real answers. That’s when it’s especially important to have friends. Not people who will jump in with ignorant and often insensitive advice. But people who give you unconditional understanding and support. That’s sometimes all we need to make it through.


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Sometimes We Laugh – Sometimes We Cry

life-goes-on-disability-macarthur-depressed-womanAnd often if we didn’t laugh… we would cry.

We all have those days. All of us. Yes, we are strong. We are independent. And we get through a lot on our own. We have to. But sometimes it helps to share our difficulties.

Researchers from the University of Southern California have proved that the best way to beat stress is to share your feelings. And sharing with someone in the same situation yields the best results.

The study showed, “Sharing a challenging situation with a person in a similar emotional state buffers individuals from experiencing the heightened levels of stress


No Agenda – No Expectations

Life Goes On is a casual meet-up for parents and carers who support a person with a disability. It’s a safe place to make friends and build a support network outside your immediate family. And it’s a nice way to enjoy some ‘time out’ over a cuppa and some yummy morning tea.

“Some parents have been coming to Life Goes On for over 10 years. They make friends, listen to each other, offer practical, judgement-free advice, and I’ve even heard members say, “I’ll come with you to that appointment.”

John T.

Disability Macarthur Client

Sometimes Guest Speakers, Sometimes Just a Chat

Some weeks we invite guest speakers to talk about specific needs of the group. Subjects may include Centrelink funding, sourcing other financial supports, understanding specific disabilities, advocacy issues and more.

Other weeks we simply chat. There’s no need to feel obligated in any way. Share your struggles, or just listen quietly. Sometimes it’s just nice to know others have hard days too.


It’s Not A Miracle (But Some Say It Might Be)

life-goes-on-disability-macarthur-supportive-groupLife Goes On will not solve all your problems. But it may just be the support you need to make it through. And who knows, other members may need the specific support you can offer to them too.

To find out more about ‘Life Goes On’, get in touch with our Care Coordinator on (02) 9603 7011 for a private and confidential conversation.


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