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As anyone with a disability or for those families caring for someone with an intellectual disability will agree, many everyday activities that others take for granted can be difficult to arrange or needlessly stressful. Even a day out to the beach or going to the movies can seem daunting, and for this reason sadly many families choose to not plan these types of activities or limit themselves to the everyday tasks they may be familiar with. This can be challenging for the whole family, leading to feelings of frustration, loneliness and isolation. This is where intellectual disability support can be vital …

This is where an intellectual disability support service such as we here Disability Macarthur can help. We offer a wide range of community-based group activities and events designed with fun and learning in mind. We organise and manage everything down to the last detail, leaving you with peace of mind and knowing you’re free to truly enjoy yourself. The focus is on exciting and fulfilling activities, while at the same time building life-enhancing skills.

intellectual disability support

As part of a regular organised program, group activities and events can make all the difference to building someone’s self esteem, with a focus on working as a team in a supportive environment, while making friends and learning how to interact in new situations. Activities such as cooking and gardening, sports and drama classes can foster a sense of confidence as well as teach lifelong skills. For those with specific requirements, custom-designed programs can be arranged which are tailored to individuals and the families who care for them.

An important part of the delivery of intellectual disability support services is ensuring the whole family’s needs are being met. Disability Macarthur provides a range of counselling programs and workshops designed to supply information and help where it is needed. These encompass a range of life challenges such as having a new baby, budgeting and money issues, marriage counselling and parenting. We also offer a casual parenting group which aims to connect families and nurture friendships between those in similar circumstances.

It’s important not to feel as though you must struggle on by yourself, or feel that no-one else will understand your particular circumstances. You may just want someone to listen to what you have to say, or to provide specific advice on one aspect you are having difficulties with. Once you attend an organised activity or an event through an intellectual disability support service such as you’ll find you are surrounded by those who not only understand your situation and be able to help, but who may also become lifelong friends.