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“Future Family Australia really helped me as I forgot my ideal world. It’s helped me to focus on what I want to achieve, because we do forget ourselves as parents and that you can do both.”


Disability Macarthur Client

When you are caring for a child or family member with a disability , family decisions can be unfairly focussed on that child instead of the whole family. Sometimes this is necessary. But eventually, you need to find a way to balance things.

Future Family Australia helps you work through decisions with the whole family in mind. This includes planning ahead and considering transitions like early intervention, starting school, finishing school, increasing independence, managing your career, how to prepare for aging… and much more. Future Family Australia is about…


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More Than Disability – Future Family Australia Is About Life

Future Family Australia Disability McarthurWhile caring for a child or family member with a disability can be challenging, we know there can be other challenges in life too. Some families face financial stress. Others go through times of marriage conflict. Some people struggle to provide much needed nurture for other children who may not always cope. And many parents feel they…


Lose Their Own Identity

Max Family 1There’s no doubt about it, having a child or family member with a disability changes your life. Your career may be put on hold. Your circle of close friends may change. And some days you may wonder who you are.

Future Family Australia equips you to consider all factors when making a decision – to consider the whole picture of life. It helps you find your balance again and create a fulfilling life that includes caring for your child or family member with a disability but is not overtaken by it. These skills are particularly important as you…


Make Steps to Prepare for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

As you know, the NDIS is bringing changes to the way you receive funding. While this will give you many, much needed benefits, it comes with the extra responsibility of managing your funding. Future Family Australia helps you consider all your options and make decisions that give your whole family the most benefit from the funding available.

“Future Family Australia is life-changing. I’ve seen how it has helped past members discover themselves again and live a fulfilled life. And so I recommend Future Family Australia to all parents.”


Care Coordinator, Disability Macarthur

Max Family 2Future Family Australia is a practical and encouraging 10 week program for parents and carers who look after children aged 0-12 with a disability. It is structured with group and individual coaching sessions and ends with a celebration evening to recognise the achievements you’ve made throughout the program. The qualified team at Disability Macarthur join with external professionals and past Future Family Australia members to guide you as you discover more about yourself and how to live a truly fulfilling life.

To find out more about Future Family Australia, get in touch with our Care Coordinator on (02) 9603 7011 for a private and confidential conversation.


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