Father's Group

This is a NDIS Approved Program

It’s Not Therapy…

Just Dads Helping Each Other Care For Our Children with Disabilities and Families

“The support you may not even realise you need.”

Peter H.

Disability Macarthur Client

According to the University of California, the average woman speaks 20,000 words per day while the average man only speaks 7,000 words. That doesn’t mean words are any less important to men. It just makes it critical to choose carefully who you share those words with.


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Finally, Somebody Who Really Understands

father's-group-disability-macarthur-someone-that-understandsAt Father’s Group you will discover – perhaps for the first time – that there are other men who know how you feel because they experience the exact same things. That’s right, they too have to work out how to respond when people stare. And what to say when people ask what’s wrong with your child. They have to learn how to cope (and hopefully one day even laugh) at the difficult days when everything seems to go wrong.


Good For You And Your Family

Most of all, we all need to learn not only to give support but to receive support. The most independent of us crumble eventually, if not replenished. And when that happens it’s no good for anyone – especially your family.


Definitely Not Therapy (But the Results May Surprise You)

father's-group-disability-macarthur-dads-gatheringFather’s Group is an informal gathering of dads that has been running for 16 years. But don’t worry – you won’t be asked to share your life story or reveal your secret struggles. This is not therapy. A trained leader simply facilitates conversation and invites you to make new friends while you enjoy some yummy treats.


You’ve Got Some Catching Up To Do

Being the dad of a child with disability can be incredibly isolating. Many dads are busy working to keep the money coming in and miss out on going to doctor’s appointments and counselling sessions. You tend to hear things second hand… and sometimes wonder what’s going on.

Father’s Group gives you the chance to get the information you need. To hear what other dads do to cope. And to see how they support their partners and families in the tough times. You’ll discover practical tips, be reminded about the bigger picture, and supported as you lift your eyes above the daily difficulties to celebrate life again.


There When You Need Us

Come every month. Or just come when you feel you need a friend or be around other people who understand. There’s no obligation. And nobody will judge you because we are all walking the same road and experiencing the same struggles.

So drop by Father’s Group and hang out with the guys. At the least you’ll enjoy a delicious supper and a few laughs with the boys. But don’t be surprised if you find friendships and support you didn’t even realise you were missing.

To find out more about Father’s Group, get in touch with our Care Coordinator on (02) 9603 7011 for a private and confidential conversation.


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