Family Care

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A Little Help When You Are Struggling and Life Isn’t Turing Out Quite Like You Expected

If you’ve discovered raising children and making a family ‘work’ is harder than it looks, you are not alone. Every family struggles at some time. And most people find life does not turn out quite like they expected.

New Babies

family-care-disability-macarthur-new-babiesFor many couples, the dream of having a baby soon turns into the biggest challenge they have ever faced. Who would have guessed feeding and sleeping could be such a challenge? And before you have children you don’t fully appreciate how good a full night’s sleep is. Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed often leads to other difficulties like relationship tension within the family. Everyone has rough days with a new baby. But with a little advice and support you’ll feel confident in no time.


Many parents think things will get easier as your children grow and become more independent. But then, one day when you’re at the grocery store, you get the shock of your life when your two-year-old throws himself on the floor and screams at the top of his lungs. You are suddenly faced with issues of discipline and conflict resolution. The key is having the tools to nurture your children through these phases.


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Marriage Difficulties

family-care-disability-macarthur-marriage-difficultiesWith or without children, many couples struggle in their marriage relationship and find their home is more of a war zone than a haven. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics there were 47,638 divorces in 2013 involving 41,747 children. And a report by the Australian Institute of Family Studies 2011 says, “Current trends suggest that one in three marriages will end in divorce.” But this doesn’t have to be you. You can have the fairy tale marriage you used to dream about.

Money and Career Planning

And to top it off, nothing adds more pressure to the family than issues relating to money. According to Patrick Cummins and Chris Vedalago of The Age, “Three in every ten households with a home loan are suffering mortgage stress.” And a 2007 study by Yates and Milligan found that money stress contributes to health problems and pressure on family relationships. Add job insecurity to the mix and it’s no wonder depression and mental health concerns are on the rise.

Confidential Help Is At Hand

The truth is every family needs support and advice from time to time. And asking for help shows you are a caring, responsible parent and spouse who wants things to be better.

The Family Care program provides support, counselling and workshops for families with children up to 12 years of age. Our trained counsellors are here to listen (without judgement) and direct you to the best support services including…


Relationship Programs


Parenting Programs


Finance and Career Planning Programs


Time Management Programs


Mental Health Programs


Parenting Programs

“I felt like a failure. I wondered how other parents seemed to cope when my family felt like it was falling apart. I didn’t want anybody to know the trouble I was having. But I was afraid of how things would end up. The Triple P Parenting Program offered by Family Care gave us tips to reduce conflict and manage it when it happens. We noticed a change in our kids straight away. They are so much happier. And I feel like I’ve got my family back again.”

Sarah W.

Disability Macarthur Client

I thought caring for a baby would be easy. So I was embarrassed when I couldn’t feed properly. I thought there was something wrong with me. After a few weeks the broken sleep really started to take its toll. I was exhausted and found I couldn’t make the simplest decision. My partner had gone back to work and I was left alone and not knowing what to do. Family Care put me in touch with a counsellor who really understood. She gave me advice that worked. I now realise lots of parents struggle. I’m so glad I asked for help.”

Karen R.

Disability Macarthur Client

Please don’t struggle alone. Talk with a trained Family Care counsellor today before things feel like they are getting out of hand.

To find out more about Family Care, get in touch with our Care Coordinator on (02) 9603 7011 for a private and confidential conversation. Click Here to Download Your Free Copy of Our Complete Service Brochure


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