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The Break You Need To Be An Even Better Carer

You know those times when, if you didn’t laugh, you’d probably cry (and sometimes you do cry)? Those times when you feel overwhelmed and a little out of control? And those times when the exhaustion bubbles over and shows more than you’d like? Or you could simply be looking for ways to enhance your child’s development and social experience.

Let me assure you: You are not alone. And it is not your fault.

Loving parents and carers express their deepest emotions with those they love most. So please don’t feel guilty or disappointed in yourself. You are doing an amazing job. It’s just that sometimes…


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The Everyday Catches Up With Us All

While many of the tasks you lovingly undertake as a carer are tiring, the real challenge is doing these things day in and day out. The sheer relentlessness of caring for a child with a disability can be overwhelming. No matter how ‘strong’ you are (or think you are)


You Need Time to Recharge

Respite is a natural and necessary part of providing daily care. A few quiet minutes to take a breath is often enough to give you the energy to start again. Enjoy a cup of coffee, meet up with friends, or cross something off your ‘to do’ list. Just looking forward to these short breaks can help you through your day.


“Jenny is the most gorgeous, cuddly, generous child anyone could ask for and I love looking after her. But I realised it was taking a toll on me. Every night I went to bed crying, regretting how I’d lost my cool with her during the day. It made me feel so guilty.

People had recommended respite but I thought that was asking someone else to do what I should be doing. Now I realise it’s an important and necessary part of caring for someone with a disability. Jenny loves Breakaway Respite and it gives me a few hours to do the shopping and take a breath.

Knowing it’s coming up really helps me through those tough moments. And the little recharge helps me be a much better mum to Jenny and my other children. It helps me be a better person.”


Disability Macarthur Client

Breakaway Respite could be…

The Break You And Your Children Need

Breakaway Respite is a casual, fun-filled program available every Tuesday and Thursday between 9:30am and 2:00pm. Enjoy a few hours to yourself knowing your pre-school aged children 2-5 years, with a physical and/or intellectual disability, are enjoying fun activities with teachers and qualified carers. It’s healthy for you and your children In fact this could be your child’s…

“Daniel used to struggle sitting on a chair. He would quickly become distracted and walk around or climb on the furniture. After attending just 3 weeks of Breakaway Respite he is able to settle down and do quiet activities. His social behaviour has improved so much – he’s a different boy.”

Michael S.

Disability Macarthur Client

Breakaway Respite also gives you an extra layer of assessment to…

Ensure Your Child Is Reaching Important Milestones

Breakaway 2Nobody knows your children like you. After all, you care for them every day. That’s why many parents and carers find it beneficial to when trained group leader interact with your children and help you assess their milestones and abilities. They’ll sometimes pick up on things that have become ‘everyday’ for you. If extra care is needed, you can access it early, and maximise the positive outcomes.

Is Breakaway Respite Right For You?

Everybody who cares for a pre-school aged child with a disability needs a break from time to time. And you shouldn’t feel guilty about that. Regular time off makes you a better carer.

Breakaway Respite gives you much needed time to yourself. It also gives your children the chance to have fun and develop valuable skills that lead to life-long independence.

To find out more about Breakaway Respite, get in touch with our Care Coordinator on (02) 9603 7011 for a private and confidential conversation.


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