After School Respite Care

This is a NDIS Approved Program

An Opportunity For Your Child to Learn Fun, New Skills While You Have a Needed Break


Caring for children with disability can make you feel torn. On the one hand, you love them with all your heart and caring for them often brings you much joy.

But at the same time, the physical and emotional strain can be exhausting. The sheer dependence on you can be overwhelming. And the never-ending, strenuous routine can result in burn out. On top of that you have other family members who need you too!


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You Are Not Alone…


after-school-respite-care-disability-macarthur-sad-womanMany parents and carers feel they just need a break. Perhaps you would like a little extra time to give special attention to your other children. Or a couple of hours to do some shopping, or cross something off your list, so you feel you are finally getting something done. A little respite from the constancy of caring for a child with disability is good for you and your child.


We Are Here To Help…

after-school-respite-care-disability-macarthur-mother-childAfterSchool Respite is for children aged 5-13 with a physical and/or intellectual disability. In a group of no more than 10 children with 2-3 qualified staff plus volunteers, your children will meet new friends and make lifelong memories while you enjoy a little needed time out.

Whoever Said Learning Can’t Be Fun Doesn’t Know About This…

While enjoying a range of indoor and outdoor activities like cooking, craft, TV games… and so much more… your children will learn valuable life-skills that lead towards independence. They will interact in groups and build relationships that last a life time. And they will have so much fun they will be talking about coming back before they get home.


Would You Like a Little Respite?

after-school-respite-care-disability-macarthur-woman-holding-cupMany parents and carers feel relieved to know their children are enjoying themselves with friends while they have some much needed time to recharge or catch up.

AfterSchool Respite is available Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, from 3:30-6pm, for children 5-13 with a physical and/or intellectual disability. If you think your children may enjoy making friends and learning fun, new skills while you have a needed break, get in touch with our Care Coordinator for a free chat.

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