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Disability Macarthur have been a Godsend to our family, especially with the Respite side of things. It’s made a really huge impact on us as a family. Just being able to drop him off and know that he’s in good hands. Brooke

Disability Macarthur Client

Hear From Some Of Our Clients

Hear from Nicole

What condition does your child have?

Our little girl is 23 months now, she has Russell-Silver syndrome. It’s a genetic condition that happens one in every 100,000. Russell-Silver syndrome has deformities, so it can be internal. She has Clinodactyly fingers which are turned in. She has a large head, pixie like ears, a small triangular face.

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Hear from Brooke

What condition does your son have?

Brooke: My son Cody has a very rare syndrome. The condition he has is called CFC which is that’s for short Cardiofaciocutaneous Syndrome and there’s only 17 cases in Australia, 17 kids in Australia with that condition.

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Hear from Phoebe

What health condition do you have?

I have Williams Syndrome.

What are some challenges you experience on a daily basis?

Mainly going upstairs and lifts and walking. I have fear of heights and that’s mainly why I get nervous going upstairs and lifts.

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